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Grandmother Power

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We Interrupt this website to bring you a very special message:



The Peaceful Revolution Has Begun!  

We can open the door to solving every one of
The nation's twenty-five, major, financial problems 

Using Debt-Free Money
Issued directly form The United States Treasury.  

Examine the Evidence.   Read the story. 

Join us in spreading the word.  
Tell your family.  Tell your friends.  

Tell everybody!


Now back to the normal website






To All Grandmothers and Mothers:

Are we going to let those

super-wealthy, over-paid, money-grubbing,

corporate, chief-executive  bastards kill our children

and our grand children so they can make still more money ?








Here Are the Facts 

(1)  Right now, today, the top executives in the super wealthy corporations  are making decisions and engaging in activities that will,  in a few short years,  kill your children and  grandchildren.  

(2)   These corporate leaders are making decisions based exclusively upon how much short-term profit they can generate.  Employees, customers, the environment, and YOU  are simply irrelevant and expendable.  

(3)  Are you aware the making large amounts of money and snorting cocaine both create the same effect in the human brain.  Both stimulate the release of dopamine into the pleasure centers of the human brain.  

(4)  The world's top corporate executives are out-of-control drug addicts.   These men are Money & Profit/Dopamine Addicts.    

(5)   Our American democracy has been turned into a corporate dictatorship.   These super-wealthy men control the corporations that spend the money to elect the politicians who write the laws that control anything of any significance in the United States, England, and Europe.  Your needs are ignored.   Profit is all that matters! 

(6)   The men who control The Federal Reserve run the world.  They are commonly referred to as The Powers That Be.   The present banking system is obsolete, fundamentally flawed, consistently dysfunctional, grossly unfair, managed in secret,  filled with ethically questionable loan practices, riddled with conflicts of interest, owned by the super-wealthy, run for the super-wealthy, and managed by excessively self-centered and arrogant multi-millionaires who don't give a damn about the people, their plight, their rights, the truth, or the environment.   

(7) The Bottom Line:   These men are out-of control Money & Profit/Dopamine Addicts.  They will do anything, absolutely anything, to get their next dopamine fix!       





Bringing in Grandmother Power 

These corporate leaders are not accessible through logic an reason, but they are accessible by way of their own grandchildren.   This is where Grandmother Power comes in. **msc5   Our mission and the mission that we are inviting you to participate in is to:  

    Wake up the men in positions of power  

   and to  

   Show them how to save their own grandchildren from otherwise inevitable disasters. **msc1     

Our goals are:   

   To inspire these men to stop the activities that are causing the environmental disasters.   Follow this link for an example:   **msc2   

   To offer these men the opportunity to be the leaders in The New Corporate World.   **msc3    

   To show them them how, with ease and simplicity, they can alter their corporate management structure so that corporate employees, corporate  customers, and the environment have equal standing with making a profit..

   To show them them how to honor, respect, and keep the planet intact for future generations.    

You are invited to join with and/or

support  the thousands of grandmothers  

who are about to reclaim their Grandmother Power.   

Please remember that the women's movement does not belong only to just young women.  Grandmother power is a huge, untapped  social potential




How Our  


Are Being Threatenedd


You are invited too
read threee
of our web pages  
which explain the core problems in detail..

**msc11     ....

We Have Turned on Runaway Global Warming

Human activity has triggered the release of the 10,000 billion tons of methane presently frozen in the Arctic Circle.   (Methane decays into CO2)   Unless,, within the next five years, we begin a major, global-level effort to turn the doomsday machine back off, the rate of release will escalate very rapidly to the level where it will becomee disastrous, deadly, and un-stoppable.    

http://www.TLC333.com/natures-doomsday-machine.html#300 ˛ 


**msc22              ....

Burning Coal for Power Is a Devil's Bargain

Obtaining electricity by way off coal-burning, electric-power-producing plants  is a real life story that is exactly the same as making a pact with the Devil -- small benefits now followed by massive destruction and incredible suffering later..   This section exposes the utter disaster of burning coal for power and offers some practical solutions..




The Illusion of Separation

In all of human history, there never has been and probably never will be another distinction as important as:   "Are you inside or outside of God?"   Do you believe that you are inside of and an integral part of God or do you see yourself as being outside of and separate from God?    

In spite of the overwhelming evidence supporting the unity of everything,  billions of humans still function as if they are separate from "God," separate from nature and separate from each other.    






Notes and Referencess


**msc4   **msc4    Their decisions and activities must be change because business as usual will produce the death of billions of human and cause the extinction of at least half the life forms on  the entire planet.   To See the evidence supporting this assessment, please see the page titled:   We Have Turned on Runaway Global Warming at:  


**msc5    **msc5    This website is focused on Grandmothers simply to provide a tangible, doable, measurable point of focus on a problem that is so huge and so universal that it seems almost  impossible to deal with.   Because Global Warming is everybody's problem, everyone is welcome to participate.     

**msc3    **msc3     The required business management changes are detailed at:    http://www.New-Corporate-World.info#39




How Grandmother Power Can  

Save Your Grandchildren's Lives

And Keep the Planet Intact for Future Generations.   


Fortunately, there are several relatively simple things we can each do right now.    We'll share with you some powerful transformation tools, but first, let's begin by looking at Grandmother Power.     

    What Is Grandmother Power


Additionall pages on this topic::

    Action Versus Reaction

    Where Are We Now?  

    Applying the Powerful Transformation Tools


    Our Job Is to  . . ..

    What's Needed Now

    You Are Invited

    The Grandfather Generation




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Reference:    The required business management changes are detailed at:   http://www.New-Corporate-World.info#399


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