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We Have Over Sixty, Independent Websites
All Designed to Wake You Up to the Fact that: 

Life is not what we've been led to believe it is
by those who claim to know.  

You and I and everybody else have  been (and still are) making critical,  irreversible, life-altering decisions based upon false, incomplete, and/or intentionally-deceptive information!   You can change that now.   If you'd like, we'll show you how.   Check out some of our websites.   You'll be surprised at  what you'll find.

   We recommend you begin by examining The Rules of Reality which govern all life on planet Earth.   http://www.PhilanthropyAdvisor.info/pa-rules-of-reality.html#gr   

   Perhaps you're looking for something a little more exciting, like money, marijuana, and personal freedom.   Join the Hemp Revolution Solution and assist in creating a multi-billion-dollar, American hemp industry.   There's a well paying job in this industry just waiting for you to come along.   

Hemp is the Doorway to Financial Sanity.   Legalizing hemp will trigger  a series of reactions and actions the results of which are way beyond profound.  http://www.HempRevolutionSolution.com.   

   If you are concerned about your safety in a hurricane, a tornado, an earthquake, a flood, a California super-storm, or a wild forest fire, then we recommend visiting our Emergency Safety Shelters website at:  http://www.Emergency-Safety-Shelters.com.     

   The nations infrastructure is being allowed to deteriorate.   You could be a part of changing that, and at the same time, very easily, make thousands of dollars for yourself.   Simply bring this project to the attention of a major corporation or a wealthy individual.   When they participate, you get paid.    http://www.CAHR-Foundation.com#gr   

   How about an illusion buster?   I'll bet you think the marijuana prohibition is about marijuana.   It's not!   MJ prohibition is a way for the Money & Profit/Dopamine Addicts to make more money.   It's a way to keep the hidden money flowing to pay for and to maintain present corporate and political corruption http://www.MarijuanaSanity.com#gr     

   As still another possibility, consider reading TLC-Life-Center's Sensual Delights websites which include three books describing life, love, romance and the sensual arts.   Check out our introductory website at   Volume one is available on line at:  http://www.YoniDance.net#gr.  

Also check out the introductory website of the Sensual Delight Network at:   http://www.Sensual-Delights.net#gr.    





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(0)>-01    Restoring the American Dream  7  Websites    

(0)>-02   Money   14 Websites    

(0)>-03    Religion and  Reality    6 Websites    


(0)>-04   Creating Marijuana Sanity & the U.S. Hemp Industry      8 Websites  

(0)>-77    Truth Speaker -- Illusion Buster     7 Websites  

(0)>-05    The Environment      5 Websites     


(0)>-06    Forced Motherhood  (Anti-Abortion)        4 Websites     

(0)>-07    Relationships, Sensuality, Sexual Intimacy    7 Websites     

(0)>-08    Healing and Personal Transformation    10 Websites  


(0)>-09    The World's Most Unique Wedding Ceremony    6 Websites      

(0)>-55    Wars and Other Violent Confrontations     2 Websites  

(0)>-22    Additional TLC-Life-Center Websites   11 Websites  


Books by the Author and Creator of  the
TLC-Life-Center's Family of Websites;   

(0)>-66   Books by Rev. Robert E. Cote'      4 Books    


Friends of TLC Life Center:

(0)>-33    Planetary Transformation websites   

(0)>-55    Friends of TLC-Life-Center    





Website Themes with Descriptions



01    Restoring the American Dream  7  Websites    

The Problem:   Three groups of people have, each taken control of a portion of the United States government.   Each group has been using the other two to accomplish its own objectives.    They are 1) The  Money & Profit/Dopamine Addicts,  2) The Fundamentalist Christian Extremists, and 3)  The Men behind the Illegal drug Cartels.   As a result of this political takeover, the nation is headed for a Corporate-Controlled Dictatorship. and for  Ecological Disaster  

The Solution:   In order to avoid the all-but-inevitable, the people must join forces and take back the government form these three groups.  The Hemp Revolution Solution is the only way left to avoid complete disaster and to Restore the American Dream.   

     Money  14 Websites  

Our websites offer numerous, previously-ignored truths about money.   For example:  are you aware that The Powers That Be  (those who run the world) are Money and Profit Addicts.   (Making money and using cocaine both have the same effect upon the human brain.)   

Our corporate and government leaders are addicted to the dopamine that their brains produce when they make large amounts of money, and when they engage in high-stakes financial gambling. and when they exercise their power to control others.  

    Religion and  Reality     6 Websites  

In addition to bringing common sense to religions fairytales, our websites expose and examines the hidden and previously ignored aspects of religion and religious beliefs in a manner that is humorous, sometimes shocking, but always enlightening.  For example, if the Christian anti-abortionists are correct, then God, Himself, is the ultimate baby killer.   

   Creating Marijuana Sanity and the U.S. Hemp Industry 
7 Websites

The overwhelming evidence tells us that the prohibition of marijuana is an absolute, total, and complete absurdity, unless of course, you are receiving your share of the hundreds of billions of dollars in secret, drug money,    or

Unless you receiving your share of the billions more that are produced by way of the anti- drug war, or

Unless you are one of the major corporations whose profits are in increased by a few billion dollars because they also outlaw competition from the hemp industry.  

The money/marijuana/hemp issue is so important to the economy that if all drugs suddenly became legal the present, already-faltering economy would collapse and have to be restructured.  When you examine the TLC-Life-Center websites on Money, you'll see how the financial system can be redesigned and upgraded before it collapses into complete chaos.  

    Truth Speakers / Illusion Busters   6 Websites  

We live in society that is dominated by fairytale illusions such as our fraudulent, fiat money system   These sites bring clarity to numerous illusion and and speak the truth into the face of lies and half truths.  

    The Environment   3 Websites  

We hate to be the bearer of bad news, but by way of our collective apathy and ignorance, we've turned on nature's ultimate doomsday machine.   Human-caused Climate Change has triggered the release of the 10,000 billion tons of the greenhouse gas, methane, presently frozen in the tundra (in the biomass) at the Arctic Circle.  

We know how to Reverse Global Warming.   The technology is available, but the willingness is missing.   If we don't stop Runaway Global Climate Change, it will kill billions of people and cause the extinction of thousands of species.    



    Forced Motherhood  (anti-abortion)    4 Websites     

The evidence clearly tells us that forced motherhood (abortion rights) is a religious freedom issue, but that doesn't seem to matter to those who are raking in millions of dollars by way of their anti-abortion war.    

    Relationships    5 Websites  

The ultimate "how to" websites about all those things your parents never taught you."   They're self-discovery sites about life, love, romance, and the intimate love arts.   They take readers on a consciousness-raising journey into love, personal relationships, sacred sex, physical intimacy, and silky, smooth sensuality.  

    Healing and Personal Transformation    11 Websites  

If you think you know the truth about reality, you're in for  big surprise.   Why?  Because life is not what we've been lead to believe it is by those who claim to know.  

    The World's Most Unique Wedding Ceremony   6 Websites

And five other wedding-related websites.  

    Wars and Other Violent Confrontations   2 Websites

Every study ever undertaken, without exception, has concluded that cooperation is far superior to violence in solving problems.   In spite of this overwhelming evidence, most humans still function under the illusion that violence solves problems.  

   Books by Rev. Robert E. Cote'     

The Yoni Dance Book Trilogy -- Three books focused on life, love, romance and the sensual arts.   The Books deal with intimacy, sensuality, sex, and the relationship between God, spirituality, and sex.  

An Interview with the Devil --What the evidence tell us is most likely the truth about religion, spirituality, and the invisible side of reality.  




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